Road 2 Pilot

The Project Goal

From Monitoring Traffic to Controlling Traffic

Create a centralized dashboard that will allow for real-time decision-making regarding traffic management. The dashboard will allow a proactive traffic management approach integrating a fusion of various data sources to enhance traffic analysis.
This dashboard empowers decision-makers in the traffic center to optimize traffic events more effectively and uncover valuable insights.

The project will focus on a segment of Road 2 between the Netanya and Gelilot Intersection.

Netanya and Gelilot Intersection, Israel

The Traffic Mangement Platform

Create a system that enables real-time monitoring of traffic flow (hazards, traffic congestion, bottle-necks) as well as, real-time monitoring of public transportation for optimization. The system will also allow for the analysis of traffic and innovative research tools (real-time & past events).

Our Partners in the Project

Moovit provides smart mobility solutions for urban mobility (public transportation) and cooperative transportation.

Responsible for providing real-time information on public transportation vehicle locations, estimated time of arrival & analytical reports.

To visit Moovit Website – Click here

HopOn supplies public transportation and provides solutions that allow passengers mobile-based fare payment systems and behavioral data.

Responsible for providing real-time information on public transportation vehicle locations, average wait times at stations & behavioral analytical reports.

To visit HopOn Website – Click here weather forecast prediction using machine learning & cutting-edge AI technology.

Responsible for improving road safety when it comes to planning and dealing with extreme & unusual weather events.

To visit Website – Click here

Rekor software and hardware solutions for real-time traffic incident management, enforcement & control using AI and collected data.

Responsible for perfecting the real-time platform which the national control center of Netivei-Israel will manage.

To visit Rekor Website – Click here

Nexar dashboard cameras are used to identify irregular occurrences. The camera uses computerized vision & communication between vehicles (V2V).

Responsible for documenting traffic disturbances in real-time, emergency braking & maintenance, including potholes.

To visit Nexar Website – Click here

Blue White Robotics is a platform that supplies Traffic solutions using automated aerial & ground tools including the use of multiple unmanned drones simultaneously.

Responsible for sending out a drone whenever a traffic incident or accident occurs for real-time monitoring and providing video documentation.

To visit Blue White Robotics Website – Click here

Traffic control and accident prevention system. Utilizes location detection through passive means such as radio signals & sensors transmitted from linked devices (WIFI, Bluetooth, 4g).

Responsible for real-time alerts about hazardous safety events on the emergency shoulder such as pedestrians or car stops. Also responsible for monitoring & evaluating the number of passengers in vehicles, traffic counts & speed while segmenting by vehicle types.

To visit A.D.Knight Website – Click here

SaferPlace has a system that handles and detects a variety of traffic violation enforcement and provides an end-to-end solution for customers from identifying the offense, video documentation, and preserving the evidence for the purposes of collection and appeals while maintaining privacy.

Responsible for the identification of public transport lane violations, truck lane violations, and average speed of vehicles in a road segment, as well as real-time information about the number of vehicles and their classification.

To visit SaferPlace Website – Click here

Responsible for Accompanying Research

The Technion is analyzing important underlying research questions. Such as, what are the causes of delays and solutions for public transportation, how different weather affect demand for public transportation, or examination of phenomena that creates traffic congestion.

To visit Technion Website – Click here

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