Our Mission

Building a bridge between the private and public sectors to solve challenges based on data and technology 

Our Vision

Forming a shared data platform
for wide impact solutions

Our members

Private companies

Public companies


Advisory board

Dr. Smadar Itskovich

Dr. Smadar Itskovich FOUNDER & CEO

Dr. Smader Itskovich is the Founder
and CEO of Israel’s first and only
Smart Mobility Living Lab.

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Itshak Turgeman

Itshak Turgeman NGO CO-FOUNDER

Itshak Turgeman has led various
educational initiatives over the last
15 years.

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Eran Shir


Eran Shir is currently Nexar’s CEO.
Shir was the entrepreneur in
residence at Aleph, VC firm...

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Prof. Alex Pentland

Prof. Alex Pentland MIT MEDIA LAB

Director of the MIT Connection
Science in the Media Lab.

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Joseph Abramovich

Joseph Abramovich ENERGIYA GLOBAL

Energiya Global established at
2007. Yosef was nominated three
times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Our story

While acting as head of the REAP delegation at MIT, Israel Living Lab’s founder encountered a new approach to smart cities challenges. This approach bypassed the prolonged process that characterized the adoption of new technologies at the municipal level. By providing public and private companies the legal, governmental and technological frameworks they require, the living lab approach makes it possible to accelerate the integration of smart solutions in cities. Israel Living Lab is based on the PPP (private public partnership) living lab concept, which is quickly gaining popularity around the world.