HD Mapping and Digital Twin Technology

The Project Goal

To generate a highly accurate digital twin that was created from the HD maps.
The HD maps were created from materials collected by the Israel Mapping Center of selected roads in the city of Hod Hasharon, in order to examine traffic and safety scenarios.

The Technology

The digital twin technology was based on HD maps of existing point cloud data and imagery data, to accurately emulate the real world environment and its infrastructure. With the completed digital twin model, various traffic and safety scenarios were executed and analyzed, using artificial intelligence.

The video below shows 3 different rection time scenarios, with a pedestrian crossing the road:

0 seconds reaction time

Autonomous vehicle

1 seconds reaction time

Average driver

2 seconds reaction time

Unfocused driver

HD MAPPING ||| | ||| Creation Process

HD – High Definition – map includes detailed information necessary for automated driving and simulator. It contains a rich, 3D representation of the world with high positional accuracy and typically includes lane positions, widths positions ,descriptions of road signs, etc.

HD map must have logical data such as travel direction of a lane and traffic, it also includes logical connections like the relation between the signs and the road.

DIGITAL TWIN ||| | ||| Hod HaSharon – Modeling Locations

This image is a photo-realistic dynamic digital twin of Hod HaSharon urban streets.

The model includes roundabouts, traffic signs, road markings, poles, buildings, vegetation, etc. Rendered with a realistic sky dome.

Hod HaSharon streets: HaPardes, Jabotinski, HaAguda & HaTziyonut

The video below shows a side by side driving scenario in a photo-realistic digital twin of the Hod HaSharon urban.

This image is a photo-realistic dynamic digital twin of segment of the 531 Israel highway, with two lanes, 4.5 km each, east to west.

The model includes Traffic signs, road markings, bridges, acoustic walls, poles, buildings, vegetation, etc. Rendered with a realistic sky dome.

The video below show a photo-realistic digital twin driving scenario, that involves a safety hazard of a vehicle braking in the middle of the Hod HaSharon highway lane (AEB).

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